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The XIT Ranch of Texas
By J. Evetts Haley
Published by University of Oklahoma Press

"Mr. Haley relates accurately and vividly the ups and downs of this greatest of American ranches - [of] the solution of its water and cattle-thieving problems; of its changing personnel; of ranch life; of improving the XIT cattle; of long drives to the Syndicate's northern maturing range; of marketing; of the coming of the 'nesters'; and of the break-up of the XIT by land sales to ranchers and home-seeking farmers.... Without doubt The XIT Ranch of Texas will long survive the modern and in part ephemeral, ranch stories." - Mississippi Valley Historical Review

"The first edition of this book (1929) was withdrawn from sale.... Mr. Haley, no man to call a shovel a digging implement, had let his burned brands fall where they belonged and the fear of libel actions caused the book to get only private distribution. [It] is a classic of the free range: a textbook on broad-range operation and thinking.... The truth is here." - San Fransisco Chronicle

"The fascinating book.... is admirable through Mr. Haley's unmatched and phenomenal ability to weave fascinating personalities and innately interesting events into a vivid narrative." - Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Volume 34 in The Western Frontier Library

J. Evetts Haley, a renowned western historian, was the author of many popular books.