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More Chuck Wagon Recipes and Others
By Sue Cunningham and Jean Cates
Published by Cookbook Publishers

This is a follow-up cookbook of "Chuckwagon Recipes And Others" by the same authors.

Sue Cunningham and Jean Cates are the daughters of the late Dick and Virginia Shepard. They were born in Turkey, Texas in 1934 and 1938 respectively. In 1944 the family moved to Channing, Texas where Dick farmed and ranched. He cowboyed for different ranches and would fill in as a chuckwagon cook when the cooks got mad and quit. That is when he got interested in chuckwagon cooking. Later, he built a wagon of his own.

Sue lives in Hartley, Texas and is married to Ken Cunningham. Jean lives in Amarillo, Texas and is married to Wayne Cates. Both Sue and Jean stay busy during the summer going to chuckwagon cookoffs or catering chuckwagon meals with their cooking team on weekends. They use the old chuckwagon that their dad put together and used, a family tradition.

Some of the recipes in this cookbook have been in their family for years. They have forgotten where some came from, created some and got some from friends.