Dallam-Hartley Counties
    Veterans Memorial
    C/O: XIT Museum
    P.O. Box 730
    Dalhart, Texas 79022


    Nick Olson
    Committee Member

    Mark Welch
    Committee Chair

The purpose of the Veteran's Project is to gain information on Veterans of Dallam and Hartley Counties in order to be as inclusive as possible in our memorial. By sharing your name and story with the XIT Museum, not only will you assure yourself or the veteran in your life a place in the memorial, but you will also be sharing your story with future the generations of Dallam and Hartley Counties. Please fill out the contact form below or contact us at the address/phone to the left.

    1. Veteran Name: 

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    4. If Completed by someone other than Veteran: 

    5. Is this veteran classified as MIA?: 

    5a. When classified as MIA?: 

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    6. What Branch(s) of service?: 

    7. Date of Birth: 

    7a. Place of Birth: 

    8. Means of Entry:
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    9. Comments concerning entry:

    10. Date(s) of entry: 

    11. Date(s) of discharge: 

    12. Place(s) of discharge: 

    13. Rank(s) at discharge: 

    14. Military occupational specialties or qualifications:

    15. Service (Vessels or areas of service):

    16. Battles or campaigns:

    17. Decorations and Citations:

    18. Were you ever classified as a POW?:
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    19. If so, where and when?:

    20. Would you be willing to discuss your experience while in service?:
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    21. If yes, through a questionaire?:
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    21a. Or interview?:
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    21b. Or both?:
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    22. Would you be willing to donate items to the XIT Museum for exhibit or archive purposes?:
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